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Projection Mapping Central – All Things Projection Mapping

MAY 1, 2015 #INSPIRATION: HOLD THAT ELEVATOR! One of the best parts about projection mapping is the ability to make a truly immersive experience. You can surround yourself with light … Continue reading

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BPM tempo and delay to time conversion calculator

BPM tempo and delay to time and frequency calculator 60,000 ms (1 minute) / Tempo (BPM) = Delay Time in ms for quarter-note beats 60,000 / 120 BPM = 500 ms 60,000 … Continue reading

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Max Examples | Computer Music

Some great examples of basic MAx funstions – ADSR — ADSR Amplitude Envelope — ADSR Filter Envelope – Algorithmic Composition — Algorithmic Composition with Math Functions – Amplitude — ADSR Amplitude Envelope — Amplitude Modulation and … Continue reading

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TeachingMusic » (max) synchronizing loops

(max) synchronizing loops example patcher synchronizing playback of looped audio files without using the transport – two methods The example patcher demonstrates how you can synchronize playback of two audio files … Continue reading

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First Quantum Music Composition Unveiled | MIT Technology Review

First Quantum Music Composition Unveiled Physicists have mapped out how to create quantum music, an experience that will be profoundly different for every member of the audience, they say. One … Continue reading

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Interview with TProArt creator – The Brief Monologue of a Minimalist

Connecting sound, light, visual and dance, turning each of them into an essential organ of the newly created art organism brings out a completely different quality of the performance and … Continue reading

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Media Composer First : A Free Version

Media Composer First : Avid Announced A Free Version of Media Composer BY BHUSHAN MAHADANI · APRIL 13, 2015 Media Composer First As its a free version, it is trimmed down … Continue reading

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Slicing Odd Beats (downloads at page Slice//Jockey) One of my musical wet dreams is a real time beat slicer that will slice up and shuffle-replay any type of acoustic input … Continue reading

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New Approaches to Music and Interactive Multimedia

  Stephen A. Taylor School of Music University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ABSTRACT The author’s current project combines modern interactive performance technology and web-based hypermedia technology to create a … Continue reading

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Jitter Recipes: Book 2, Recipes 14-25 – Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers

Jitter Recipes: Book 2, Recipes 14-25 The second installment of Jitter Recipes is a collection of simple examples that began as weekly posts to the MaxMSP mailing list. Here you … Continue reading

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