Body tracking – MAX

1. Have a look at the cv.jit objects, particularly the tracking ones. The downside is you need someone to click on a point to track and it can get lost.

2. Do some colour tracking a la jitter tutorial 25

3. Use a setup with an infrared camera and put some infra-red LED’s on your dancer to track

4. Use a setup with an infrared camera and shine an infrared light on your dancer (search the forums for the details)

5. Maybe forget the camera and use some accelerometers, flex sensors, pressure pads via a microcontroller like Arduino

6. Have a look at this too:

Haven’t got my kinect yet, I think people have been using the depth perception of the device rather than skeleton tracking, but I think you could still use it as a replacement for option 4 (I think it projects IR dots onto anything in front of it and picks them up with an IR camera). Someone else may be better able to inform you.

You can find some nice tutorials for cheaply converting a PS3eye camera to an infrared one on the web.

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