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Interactive Sonification HomepageAbout ISonInteractive Sonification is an emerging subfield of sonification and auditory display research. More general information about sonification can be found at, and at which is the main community portal for auditory display research.Interactive Sonification acknowlegdes the importance of human interaction for understanding and using auditory feedback. Interaction allows users to continuously query different “auditory views” of objects the data being analyzed which helps to give a more complete overview.In 2004, we organized the first Interactive Sonification Workshop 2004 ISon 2004, Bielefeld, Germany, with a very positive resonance within the European community, and a selection of the papers have been reworked into an IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification. In order to maximize value for the community we decided to organise ISon Workshops in Europe whenever ICAD is not hosted in Europe. Following this algorithm, we organised the Interactive Sonification Workshop ISon 2007 in York. The prvious ISon workshop was ISon 2010 in April 2010 in Stockholm. Currently we have an open CfP for a Springer Journal Special Issue on Interactive Sonification, see News below.

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