Using Mathematical Models in Music Composition – Gustavo Díaz …‎

by G DIAZ-JEREZ – 2000 – Cited by 2 – Related articles

ii. ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS. Algorithmic Music: Using Mathematical Models in Music Composition by GUSTAVO DIAZ-JEREZ.

The intimate connection between music and mathematics has been acknowledged throughout history. This paper is a survey of the most relevant methods employed today in algorithmic composition. It covers stochastic processes
(randomness, probability functions, Markov chains); one-, two-, and three-dimensional chaotic systems; fractals;
algorithms derived from noise spectra (1/f noise); number theory (Morse-Thue sequence, 3n+1/Hailstone numbers, prime numbers); cellular automata (one- and two-dimensional
cellular automata); genetic algorithms; formal grammars (L- systems.) It includes a brief historical survey, an
exhaustive list of available computer programs which implement most of the processes discussed, and C++ source
code listings of routines valuable for algorithmic composition. Numerous musical examples are provided to demonstrate each process. These examples are included in
an accompanying audio CD.