Performance Patches for Percussionists

The software package MAX/MSP allows users to create, control, and interact with practically anything that can be represented as a digital signal. Examples of simple uses for musicians are:

Soundfile and sample playback

Midi control

Signal processing

Basic interaction

More complex functions are also possible, such as:

Core system controller in a multi-media production (MAX can control audio, video, lighting, pyrotechnics, etc)

Complex computation and processing of any type of analog or digital signal

Real-time composition or improvisation

Multi-camera sensing system controller

I’ve been using the software package MAX and MAX/MSP for over 10 years in numerous performance situations. My motives are simple: MAX offers a high degree of performance control and high level of audio quality.

Below are selected works in which MAX performs a central role. In most cases I’ve adapted a piece’s electronic audio component to allow better control, improve audio quality or create a portable,integrated system. For a recent tour, for example, the entire show was run by a single MAX patch.

via Performance Patches.