The Digital Phases of Wendy Carlos

Interview with Carol Wright

(Note: This interview led to an additional one in Spring of 2001 about inspiration, spirituality and creativity, which you can READ HERE. If you missed their1999 interview on earlier works, like Moog and Switched-On music, it can be found HERE.)

Carol Wright’s phone interview with Wendy Carlos took place on Saturday, December 2, 2000, shortly after the rerelease of her newly remastered Digital Moonscapes (1984) and Beauty in the Beast (1986), two albums as firmly entrenched in digital synthesis as her Switched-on albums were in the Moog’s analog world. Wendy settled into her Village loft recording studio for a long interview, and they discussed Thai food and the ongoing follies of the presidential election as Carol, a continent away on Orcas Island, Washington, tested her phone transcriber.

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