New Media

This is a lightweight kinect-projector calibration method – which is

easy to use

fast to setup

fun to play with 😉

It’s hacked for processing and works without openCV.

I created this tool because i needed an interactive wall for another project. The alignment between a camera and a projector is normally done by a homographic transformationm which is a standard functionality of the OpenCV library. But since i had problems using OpenCV in processing with my current hard and software setup … i needed to write a quick and easy alternative.

So what this application basically does…IS…it transforms the user’s data (pixel, sceleton) orthogonal to a self defined projectorwall.

Most of the artists and especially beginners within the processing community, tried the wonderfull applications presented at The first thing i always tend to do- is to get the non interactive applications -> interactive…by simply replacing any items with mousevariables ;). This kind of “try and play”, helped me a lot learning different concepts and understand other artist’s methods. By the following application you are allowed to simply replace spacial variables of a graphical scetch, with sceleton variables mapped to the wall and discover different possibilities of an interactive wall or TV by yourself.

via kinect_ProjectorDance | princeMio.