The Open Acoustic Impulse Response LibraryReverberation is an audible effect that is heard every day as a result of sound interacting with the environment around the listener. It is an effect that is commonly added artificially to electronically recorded and produced music, as well as in other media such as cinema, virtual reality applications and computer games. Auralization is an increasingly popular technique for accurately simulating reverberation and this website supports this practice through an expanding library of downloadable acoustic impulse responses IRs from interesting buildings, spaces and other sources. Some examples of the data found in the library can be seen in the slideshow to the right. Click on a photo to read more and listen to sounds in that space. Click on IR Data or use the map to browse the entire database. Upload your own sound and listen to it played back with the reverberation of any space found on the database.

via OpenAIR | The Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library.