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Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques

Published in SOS January 2009

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Technique : Cubase Notes

With Cubase 4.1, Steinberg overhauled the Sample Editor, creating a very powerful new tool for real-time pitch and time manipulation.

Matt Houghton

Back in this column in SOS November 2007, John Walden took us through how to use the time-stretching and Audio Warp functions in Cubase 4. But no sooner had that issue hit the shelves than Steinberg decided to release version 4.1, which brought a significant overhaul of these functions in an attempt to make them easier to use. Of course, there are still several articles and tutorial videos floating about on the Web that instruct you how to do things in the earlier incarnation of Cubase 4, and if you managed to download the update without also separately downloading the updated manuals (as I initially did) you\’ll probably be very confused. So before I go on any further, I can\’t stress enough how important it is to keep the Cubase manuals in step with your software updates.

We\’re now on v4.5 and it\’s high time we investigated the new features, so in this article I\’ll take you through what\’s changed, and consider a few potential applications for Hitpoints and Audio Warp along the way

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