TweetAdd CommentBrought to you by Computer MusicRelated Links Computer Music 199 – The Art of Layering – January 201412 sound layering tips and tricksLearn to create thicker, cleaner soundsComputer Music7 hours agoIn your quest for richer, more \’pro-sounding\’ tracks, it\’s likely you\’ve stumbled across the concept of layering sounds.Fundamentally, this is a basic principle: combine or stack two or more of the same kind of sound together to achieve a more powerful or interesting outcome than one single source can achieve in isolation, creating the perception of one fuller, denser sound.The idea is pretty much as old as music itself – imagine choirs combining multiple singers in unison to create more depth and power, providing a more complicated, interesting sound for the listener.The caveat is that it\’s easy to make a mess when blending several sound sources together, especially when they have similar characteristics. Frequency clashing and masking can easily muddy up your mix, especially in the mids; transients can fight with each other, causing dynamic inconsistencies; and a lack of precision or forward planning can lead to phase cancellation, flabby results and a weak, amateur mix overall.

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