The essential Blues Effects Pedals [Re: desertbluesman]Caevan O\’Shite Offline20k ClubRegistered: 04/05/02Posts: 21642Loc: The Great Spirit\’s Handprint o… First- pedal stuff to follow below- with NO pedals whatsoever, crank your tube-amp for straight-up blues, highly recommended over SS, hybrid, and modeling amps RIGHT up, WAAAY up- but begin with your guitar\’s volume-knob turned all the way down, bringing it up gradually…Run the amp\’s Master-Volume high, and if it\’s got one, or more the Pre/Gain medium-low, medium… You must find the balancing-point between them. Try the Middle up quite high, perhaps even all the way up, with Treble and Bass to taste. Some amps, and some guitar/amp combinations, require different general EQ settings, though- for example, when running my Les Paul with humbuckers into the lead/overdrive/\”Soak\”-Channel of my Carvin Vintage 33, I dime both the Treble and Bass all settings given within a 0 – 10 range, while setting the Middle a little over 4, with the Master-Volume anywhere from 4.5 to 10 usually no higher than \”Noon\”, but situations vary, and the Pre/Gain \”Soak\” around 3 or 4… I never even use its clean/\”Rhythm\”-Channel, instead doing all my \”channel-switching\” with my guitar\’s volume-knob!

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