The Top 5 Demo Pitfalls—and Their RemediesAn exclusive tutorial from the renowned instructor of the BMI Nashville Songwriters’ WorkshopPosted in MusicWorld on January 24, 2014 by Jason Blume Back in the days of Tin Pan Alley, songwriters performed their songs live for prospective buyers. In today’s world, songwriters are responsible not only for creating songs, but for producing “demos”—recordings that demonstrate their songs’ potential. Similarly, aspiring recording artists need to produce demos that convey the full potential of their artistry.Regardless of what a publisher, record label executive or recording artist might say, no one is a mind reader, and no one can imagine what you are envisioning unless it is included on the recording. A demo can make or break a song.Formerly, in my capacity as Asst. to the Director of A&R at a major record label, and as Production Coordinator for top recording artists, I listened to thousands of demos by aspiring recording artists and pro writers. I’ve also listened to countless demos at my workshops, and here I’ve identified some of the most common pitfalls and their remedies.

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