Are you ready for a full audience of energized, appreciative arts patrons?

Today’s audiences are hungry for an interactive, ongoing arts and cultural experience. They want it to start before the curtain goes up, and to continue long after they go home. GroupOfMinds helps you to achieve that goal.

We don’t just help organizations with their online marketing. We curate fascinating attendance experiences that educate and build anticipation to attend again.

Your arts organization reaps the benefits of the technology, marketing, and communication tools we implement, achieving:

• An audience that is prepared to understand and enjoy your art

• Patrons who share their appreciation of your work with their closest friends

• A lighter budget and freer staff time for your organization

We help organizations tap into the rich resources of web 2.0, social media, and next-generation technology which provides a means for increasing your audience’s “readiness to receive” the impact of your art. You’ll be able to:

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