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Cubase Tips & Techniques

Published in SOS October 2012

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John Walden

Groove Agent ONE’s main display.Groove Agent ONE’s main display.

Software may be great for programming sample-based beats, but recreating the sound and feel of a good drummer playing an acoustic kit can be quite a challenge. The good news is that Cubase puts all the tools you need at your disposal, and in this article I’ll explain how to use them to program acoustic drum tracks with a genuinely human feel.

There are three main things to consider: constructing a realistic virtual acoustic drum kit; creating suitable MIDI parts to trigger the drum samples; and what you can do at the mixing stage. Groove Agent ONE (GAO) can help with the first of these, and that’s what I’ll focus on here. As it’s a large topic, we can look at the programming and mixing stages next month.

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