Processing acoustic guitar

Processing Acoustic Guitars

Published in SOS October 2006

The acoustic guitar has its place in almost every style of contemporary music. So how can you use the processing tools of SX to help find the right place in your mix for all that strumming and picking?

John Walden

cubase 1

Using Q to roll off the lows and add a little high-end sparkle makes a good basic starting point for acoustic guitars in a full mix.

cubase 2

Cuts centred at 100-300Hz and 1-3kHz can help if the sound is a little boomy or needs to be more open and transparent.

cubase 3

Adding a few dBs around 5-7kHz can add a little presence.

There can be very few instruments whose use is as ubiquitous as the acoustic guitar. In almost all branches of contemporary popular music — from folk through to heavy rock — acoustic guitars have their place. While there have been some dramatic improvements in sample-based ‘virtual’ acoustic guitar instruments during recent times, even a half-decent guitarist is likely to produce a more realistic performance by playing the part.

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