– What is the basic philosophy of sound design?

– Do we have to built studios including foley artists, editors, sound effects, in the same company?

– Do we have to buy all sound effects libraries, or do we have to make it by our own?

Randy Thom:

Sound Design is still a new term in the USA, as well as in France. And to be honest, there is very little agreement about what it means. Ben Burtt and Walter Murch brought the title

to our consciousness in the late 1970s, mostly through their work on (respectively) “Star Wars” and “Apocalypse Now.”

In film and video there have always been people who “designed sound” in various ways. Composers obviously design sound. But production mixers design sound too. When a production mixer makes the decision to expend the enormous effort necessary to get useable tracks on location with mics on booms, rather than take the path of least resistance and put radio mics on the actors, he or she is making a sound design decision, and a very important one.

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