Free Drum Samples! (Acoustic Drum Kits)

By Tomislav Zlatic. Published on June 24, 2010 in Free Sample Shootout. 64 Comments Tags: Free Soundware.

When it comes to working with acoustic drum samples, the advantages of using commercial software like EZdrummer, Addictive Drums, or BFD2 are more than obvious. But not everyone can afford these, as they all come with quite a big price tag. You could always get yourself a cheaper alternative like the Premier Outfits Kit by Drumdrops for example, but sometimes even a small amount of money is too much.

Luckily, though, there are now numerous free alternatives available online. I selected only the best free drum sample sample packs for this list, picking the ones which come with mappings in fully supported formats like SFZ, SF2 and NKI (for Native Instruments Kontakt).

via Free Acoustic Drum Samples! – Bedroom Producers Blog.