There is one more advance method of

. The K System was made by Bob Katz and can greatly improve your mixing as well as calibrate your system.

Here is a really good video that walks you through the K System:

The K-System lets you set up your speaker volume in a way that will make sure you get good mixes. The image below shows off the different K Systems you can use and the correlated settings.  Lets say you are working on pop or electronic music. You would do well the k-14. To set this up you need to use an Sound Level Meter. You can even get an app for SLM.

You then want to dial your speakers. Download the pink noise file below. It is set to -20db. Just drag it into a track. Play the track at full volume. Then change the volume of your speakers t0 79db. If you do that, then your system is perfectly calibrated.

via Reference Makes Perfect – Pt.1 Listening Enviroment | Subaqueous Music and Music Education.