Psychoacoustics in Artistic Practice

Kunstquartier Studio 1 Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin [Map]

Tickets 3 € / 6 € day pass (at the door)

Jan 29

Thu 16:30

Marcus Schmickler in conversation with Stefan Weinzierl, moderated by Alberto de Campo

Composers have always worked with the effect of sound. But what is the difference when one actively and consciously applies psychoacoustic knowledge to composition? Marcus Schmickler, Stefan Weinzierl, and Alberto de Campo discuss the brain’s relation to sound, the relation between objectivation and subjective perception, the interplay between harmonics and spectral characteristics, as well as auditory stream segregation among other topics.

Providing sound examples throughout, the roundtable also dives into an introduction to psychoacoustics from a scientific point of view, giving examples of practical applications.

via Psychoacoustics in Artistic Practice :: CTM Berlin – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art.