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Funding opportunities for artists

Funding opportunities for artists

Artists living in Berlin are eligible to apply for country-wide scholarships as well as for programmes of the Berlin’s cultural affairs department (‘Berliner Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten´) or programs initiated by the districts of Berlin.

Berlin Senate
Berlin’s cultural affairs department 
supports single artists and group projects and awards scholarships. Further information and the application forms for these scholarships as well as information on additional funding opportunities (funding for catalogs and web pages, scholarships for female artists, funding opportunities for international cultural exchange, and many more) can be found on the web page of the cultural administration of the Senate of Berlin:

Project fund for cultural education
The project fund for cultural education (`Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung´) is another funding option provided by the county of Berlin. It supports cooperation projects that provide access to arts and culture to children, youths and young adults. Information can be found on the web page of the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH:

District level 

On district level founds are available through the district culture fund. The guidelines for the application and the funding opportunities vary from district to district. Questions can be directed at the respective district department (

International Level
The Cultural Contact Point Germany informs about the cultural funding of the EU: Touring-artists provides a funding database about international mobility:

Research source 
An overview on further funding opportunities is provided by Kulturförderpunkt Berlin c/o Kulturprojekte Berlin:

The bbk berlin regularly announces calls for application, competitions and scholarships on its web page:

Information on funding programs and application forms are usually provided in German only.


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