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Uncertain States | Akademie der Künste – Berlin

I did the visual projections for  BodyText dance performance last weekend at the Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. It is a wonderful piece!

Next performances: 1,2,3 Dec 2016 Gorki Theatre, Berlin.

Uncertain States: body text / in_visible

Handwriting and graffiti play a crucial role in the upheavals around the world. They are used by opponents of regimes as the only method not subject to control of expressing their opinions. Over the last twenty years, calligraphy in Iran has also enjoyed a renaissance, and is one element in much of the graffiti. In the dance performance bodytext, developed by Berlin choreographer Modjgan Hashemian with the Iranian dancers Ashkan Afsharian, Kaveh Ghaemi and Elahe Moonessi, writing becomes legible and disappears again. The dancers become text bodies themselves – how can the space between the signs be read, and what does it mean if your system of writing is taken away from you?

Source: Uncertain States | Akademie der Künste – Berlin


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