New Media Art & Technology

Art & Technology Course

The Art & Technology course will give students an opportunity to explore and understand the area where the frontiers of art, science, and technology overlap, where new art forms are born and new expressive media are invented.

This course is transdisciplinary, bridging emergent media, computer science and engineering with electronic music, visual art and performing arts. It will present an overview of the digital media arts field with an emphasis on technological developments and their integration in art. Students will be introduced to contemporary theories (such as theories of cyberculture, extended realities and embodiment) and methodologies (virtual realities, reactive environments, motion tracking) in the field through seminars, research presentations, dialogue/discussion and a final team project.

Students will examine the current status and speculate on the future of digital media art and technology from both an aesthetic and a technological viewpoint, giving them a foundation to better understand and produce digital art & technology works. Select softwares for the real-time processing of visual1, audio 2 and haptic 3 works will be examined.

Artists, practitioners and lecturers from relevant areas of the arts, technology and media psychology sectors, will be invited to contribute to this course. Students will also go on a number of field trips to art/sound installations and art technology performances. In addition, explanations of recent interactive projects (see annex 1) realized by the author and other artists will provide a hands-on opportunity to better understand the creative and technological processes.

1 Processing Development Environment (PDE) – software used in generative and algorithmic art.
2 Cubase – A Digital Audio Workstation for sound processing and composition.
3 MAX/MSP and OpenFrameWorks are programming languages used for motion tracking and data manipulation.


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